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Guesthouse with history

Our ELTAKO guesthouse in Karlovy Vary breathes with peace, serenity and friendly atmosphere. We worked hard on the furnishings and believe that the serene mood has to do with the past presence of buddhist monks, who found a temporary refuge in the space of our guesthouse.

Buddhist center

The buddhist center run by the TARA Centrum company was visited by monks from Nepal. They were calm and happy people. The happiness, peace and good mood which they emitted, got imprinted into the walls of our hotel.

Ideal place for relaxation

Those who have previously stayed in our guesthouse, have praised peace and serenity, which followed them every step. Whether it is because of the monks or the quiet surroundings at the edge of the city, the truth is that our place is good for relaxation. Come to us to gain strength and enjoy all the activities that Karlovy Vary has to offer.

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