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Leisure time

How to spend your free time with us?

The positioning of our Karlovy Vary Guesthouse is ideal. It is on the edge of the town, in a peaceful and pleasant neighborhood, yet close to city center. You can therefore choose if you prefer sport, bike rides, nature walks or culture and sightseeing. There is always something going on. We will gladly advise you where to go and what to see. In the meanting, you can choose from these leasure activities.

Spa city

Karlovy Vary breathe the atmosphere of a spa city, which will suck you in. It is very easy to relax here! You can just take a walk in the spa zone, where you can find mineral springs. The most famous, strongest and warmest is the Karlovy Vary spring called Vřídlo (Hot Spring).

This well known spring is surrounded by the Vřídlo colonnade. The promenade hall is open daily from 6 to 19 o’clock. Asside from the hot spring fountain, there are five other springs. You will also find souvenir and wafer stands, restaurants and cafes.

There are five colonnades in Karlovy Vary, the colonnades Sadová or Mlýnská are also well known. There are five springs running among the 124 Corinthian columns. In Karlovy Vary, you can also take advantage of a range of spa procedures.

Diana Observation Tower

The stone-built Diana Observation Tower, which rises 547 meters above sea level and was built in the forrests above the Pupp hotel, attracted tourists already more than one hundred years ago. It was opened in 1914 and it will show you the city like in the palm of your hand.

You can reach the observation tower on foot on the spa trails or take the cable car. The ride takes three and a half minutes. There are one hundred and fifty stairs leading up to the tower. You can also take the elevator up to the tower. The entry to the tower is free. Should you be hungry, you can visit the forrest restaurant.

Jan Becher Muzeum

Becherovka is connected with Karlovy Vary as much as the healing hot springs. Jan Becher started making the herbal liquor in its pharmacy in year 1807. Originally, it was used as stomach drops. The drink then gained worldwide popularity. For over 200 years, the liquor production has been shrouded by secrets and the exact ratio of ingredients is passed on from a father to son. Today, only 2 people know the recipe. If you are interested in the liquor and its history, you can visit the Jan Becher Muzeum, where you can watch a short documentary about Becherovka, where you can see the original cellars or items related to the liquor production. The muzeum includes a shop and a bar where you can taste Becherovka as well.

Moser Glassworks Muzeum

Glass represents another symbol of Karlovy Vary. Moser is a brand, which is famous throughout the world and it would be a shame not to visit the local exhibition and the Moser visitors center. There are over 2 thousand exhibition pieces to view. You can also tour glassworks premises and admire how unique gems are created from the hot glass matter.

Forrest Walks

Karlovy Vary include spa forrests perfect for hikes or bike rides. You can be active on 180 kilometers of trails, paths and walkways. All trails are well labeled. Most of them are named after famous spa guests. Just like those in the past, you can rest in gazebos or the tiny structures built for pedestrians.

Superior sport fields

Karlovy Vary also represents a city of sports. You will find amenities for nearly all kinds of sports: tennis courts, golf courses, volleyball fields, bike paths, shooting ranges, golf carts, fitness clubs, swimming pools and others.

Where to go for sport activities?


If you get hungry after doing sports, you can eat in Karlovy Vary‘s many restaurants. Some of them are even in near proximity to our guesthouse. We will gladly recommend where to go for lunch, dinner, cafe or drink.

Do you already know what you’ll be doing in Karlovy Vary? Then there is only one thing left – reserve a room with us.